Powerful Curcumin for Horses
Occasional Joint Stiffness, Soreness or Discomfort

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Curamax is the right choice for occasional muscle and joint:
   • soreness
   • discomfort

Curamax is the perfect way to offer your hard-working horse some beneficial joint, tendon, and ligament support. Better than using turmeric alone, and not just any curcumin, Curamax is blended with turmerones from turmeric essential oil to provide a high absorption curcumin that delivers superior results. With the addition of a standardized boswellia, DLPA, and Nattokinase, Curamax can add to your horse’s desire to run, buck, jump, play or compete.

Plus, Curamax may help reduce oxidative stress and damage all while supporting cellular health and antioxidant function.

Help maintain your horse’s joint strength, suppleness, and mobility with Curamax.

What's Inside:
Curcumin: Better than using turmeric alone, and not just any curcumin, Curamax is blended with turmerones from turmeric essential oil to provide a high absorption curcumin that delivers stellar results.

Boswellia: Our boswellia contains up to 10 times more of the most powerful compound in the botanical. It’s called AKBA, and is superior to unstandardized boswellia extracts.  We use only a clinically studied, uniquely standardized boswellia—the most advanced boswellia available.

DLPA: Supports the healthy activity of endorphins and enkephalins, which may help discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity. 

Nattokinase: Helps these important ingredients get to where they are needed most in the equine body.

National Animal Supplement Council—QUALITY SEAL




Product Facts

Serving Size: per 1 scoop (15g)
Servings Per Container: 30

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Blend...............................2,181 mg

DLPA (DL-phenylalanine), Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) Gum Resin Extract (BosPure®) standardized to contain ≥70% Total Organic and Boswellic Acids with AKBA ≥10%, with ≤ 5% beta-boswellic acids, Curcumin (Curcuma longa) Rhizome Extract (BCM-95®) enhanced with turmeric essential oil and standardized for curcuminoid complex (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin), Nattokinase

RECOMMENDATIONS: One scoop daily. 30 day supply
For added support two scoops daily
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Alfalfa meal, corn distiller grains with solubles, fenugreek seed powder, lignin sulfonate, rosemary extract, sunflower seed oil (extra virgin high oleic cold pressed).
WARNINGS: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. This product should not be given to animals intended for human consumption.
Terry Naturally Animal Health brand products contain natural and other premium ingredients.


USA Laboratory Tested



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Curamax For An Aging Horse
Nearly three months ago, we learned about the potential positive impact curcumin could have on aging horses with joint stiffness. Our 18 year-old gelding has been an award-winning jumper for most of his life and was ridden quite hard when he was younger. He has a history of joint stiffness as a result. We started him on Curamax and after about three weeks of twice-daily supplementation he was walking better with less stiffness, especially noticeable when being brought out in the morning after being in his stall all night. Now, approaching three months of use, his energy levels have skyrocketed! He is jumping better, galloping any chance he can get and even bucking every now and then because of his boundless energy. You can tell he feels good. Our results have been nothing short of amazing. We are so happy we heard about using curcumin as part of our horse’s joint care plan… we would highly recommend it to anyone! -Dawn, †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health Testimonial by Dawn†
Curamax - I never head to a barrel race without this product
I spend almost every weekend barrel racing and this product has made a difference for many of my horses. I started using Curamax pre and post-race for my horses after I noticed how well it worked and I have been VERY pleased. My horses feel great in the warmup arena and their muscles post-race are much more relaxed and it puts my mind at ease that they feel good after giving 110% to me. I never head to a barrel race without this product in my trailer and would recommend it to anyone that has a horse that is sore, stiff, or just wants to keep their equine athletes feeling great! Testimonial by Maliah
She’s a different horse!
A couple of months on Curamax by Terry Naturally and the difference in Jazzi is amazing. She’s no longer so stiff and her joints don’t crack. She’s a different horse! Might just have to pull her out of retirement and run some barrels on her.† Testimonial by Alissa B. — Horse Lover/Barrel Racer †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

3 Item(s)

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