The Overlooked Benefits of Melatonin

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Most people associate melatonin with sleep support, but the truth is this mighty molecule does so much more than help you drift off to a deep, restorative dreamland.†† Thanks to many other impressive health benefits—especially immune support—melatonin is actually one of the most researched nutrients on the planet*. In fact, it’s the subject of over 27,000 published studies—with more research on the way!*

What is GammaSorb™? It’s Your Supplement’s Supplement

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Lately, you may have noticed some of our supplement packages have a nifty, hexagon-shaped logo bearing the name “GammaSorb™.” Examining the box or bottle, you may have briefly wondered what exactly GammaSorb is, and why we’ve chosen to call it out. So a little explanation is probably in order...

Are Your Supplements Verified? Look for the Seal!

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Ingredient adulteration is a growing problem in the dietary supplement industry. Grape seed extract, elderberry, and boswellia (just to name a few) are three botanicals that have come under scrutiny in recent years for frequently being adulterated with cheap ingredients. The result is supplements that are of low quality and provide little to no health benefit to the consumer.

Why Choose Chewable Tablets Over Gummies

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Gummies seem to be the latest trend in supplements. So why would we intentionally choose to offer chewable tablets instead of gummies? Because..

Why Do Dogs Fear Fireworks and How You Can Help

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Does your dog fear fireworks? Does he try to hide, start shaking, or lay his ears back and give you a look that seems to say, “Make it stop!”? Other signs of fear include whining, barking, howling, shivering, and cowering. You may notice that some dogs are terrified, while others don’t give fireworks or thunderstorms a second thought.

5 Supplements Every Woman Needs

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With all the supplements on the market today, deciding which ones to take can feel overwhelming. Here are five important nutrients every woman should move to the top of her supplement list to support better health.*...