The Immune Supporting Sunshine Vitamin*

The Immune Supporting Sunshine Vitamin*

ARTICLE BY | Dan Stearns

You’ve probably heard of vitamin D referred to as “the sunshine vitamin.” That’s because vitamin D is naturally synthesized by our bodies after our skin has been exposed to sunlight. It’s a process that can work well under ideal circumstances, but for many of us, maintaining vitamin D levels can be challenging.

Vitamin D Deficiency:
Often, we don’t get the level of vitamin D3 we need through our diets or exposure to sunlight. In fact, anyone living in a northern climate, working indoors most of the year, who has darker skin, or who is carrying a few extra pounds, probably needs a supplemental source of vitamin D3. It seems like such a basic nutrient that it may be easy to forget about. If you figure that milk and other processed foods are fortified with vitamin D, you could be lulled into thinking you’re getting enough. But the numbers show at least 40 percent of all Americans do not have adequate levels of this critical nutrient. And this is not a minor thing. A vitamin D deficiency is potentially serious. It can diminish your body’s ability to maintain healthy bones and teeth, your mind’s ability to remain mentally focused and cognitively resilient, and your immune system’s ability to respond appropriately when you need it most.

Critical for Strong Immune Support*:
On that last point, vitamin D is critical for strong immune support.* In fact, there have been numerous reports and studies linking higher vitamin D levels to a more robust immune response.* That’s not surprising, since Vitamin D supports immune activity on a cellular level, helping maintain your body’s natural defenders. Consider it an absolutely essential ingredient for navigating through situations that puts you into contact with a multitude of individuals or traveling to busy locations, like airports, schools, and offices.

Forms of Vitamin D:
There are two forms of vitamin D used in supplements. Vitamin D2 is the form found in plants and D3 is the form synthesized in the human body and found in animal-based foods. While both D2 and D3 can increase circulating vitamin D levels, clinical research has found—not surprisingly—that people’s bodies simply utilize supplemental vitamin D3 more efficiently.

Learn more about Vitamin D3 ChewableVitamin D Made Simple—and Delicious:
Because it can be really tough to get the vitamin D you need from sunlight or diet alone, supplementation is virtually a must. An excellent supplemental source of vitamin D3 is Terry Naturally® Vitamin D3 Chewable. It delivers 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in every mixed berry tablet, and is scored in order to be easily divided for smaller doses, too. You can help provide your immune system with the support it needs. Certainly a sensible diet and restful sleep can do a lot to help. But don’t ignore one of the biggest stars for defense with a capital “D”: vitamin D3 each and every day.


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