Test Your Anxiety & Stress Level

Test Your Anxiety & Stress Level

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These questions can help calculate how much anxiety and stress you have in your life. This is meant for educational purposes only, and is not in any way a diagnosis, nor does it replace your healthcare provider’s professional assessment.


Select the answer that best describes your current feelings. Do not think too long about the answers.


I feel tense or “tight”

A.  Most of the time
B.  A lot of the time
C.  From time to time; occasionally
D.  Not at all


I dwell on events that bother me even when I don’t want to think about them

A. Often
B. Sometimes
C. A little bit
D. Never


Worrying thoughts go through my mind

A. A great deal of the time
B. A lot of the time
C. From time to time but not too often
D. Only occasionally


I can sit at ease and feel relaxed

A. Hardly ever
B. Not very often
C. Sometimes
D. Often


I get worried and have “butterflies” in my stomach

A. Very often
B. Quite often
C. Sometimes
D. Hardly ever


I feel restless and like I have to be on the move

A. All the time
B. Quite a lot
C. Not very much
D. Not at all


I feel stress levels quickly going up

A. Very often
B. Quite often
C. Not very often
D. Not at all


I feel “wrung out” by the end of the day

A. Very often
B. Quite often
C. Not very often
D. Not at all




3 Points for each answer A
2 Points for each answer B
1 Points for each answer C
0 Points for each answer D



0-8 Points         Generally low level; may need occasional support in stressful circumstances for short periods.

9-14 Points       Medium level; daily support for longer periods, especially during stressful events.

15-24 Points     High level; daily ongoing support recommended.


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