Is Your Multi Missing Something?

ARTICLE BY | Michele Olson

The New Year is the perfect time to get on-track when it comes to healthy living. It’s that extra push to pay attention and make good choices. Anyone exploring supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle most likely wants to begin with a multi-vitamin. Because we are all so familiar with the idea of a daily vitamin being a good thing, it’s easy to make false assumptions about why a multi matters. It’s equally as easy to think all multi-vitamins are the same. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Now is the time to explore the right reasons for a multi, and how to choose one that will support your goals for a healthy year.

Nutrient Levels that Matter
Diet alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Depending on food alone or a product containing a bare minimum of vitamins and minerals can give you a false sense of security. You need essential vitamins and minerals at levels that encourage vibrant, optimal health. For example, we need vitamin B12 for a healthy metabolism, blood sugar and blood pressure support, energy levels, and much more. With many popular formulas on the market, you get only 6 mcg of this important vitamin. Contrast that amount with the amount in Clinical Essentials from Terry Naturally® Brand of Supplements—250 mcg. When it comes to minerals—sometimes overlooked but as important as vitamins—you also have to consider the level of ingredients you are getting. What else can you expect in addition to effective levels when it comes to the nutrients in Clinical Essentials? They come in the biologically, active, converted form—the form your body can process and use. This chart shows what makes the premium ingredients in Clinical Essentials better than many formulas.

What Makes Clinical Essentials Different?
This chart makes it clear—Quality, potency, and premium ingredients matter!

Active B-Vitamins

Supports Healthy:
 • Daily Energy
 • Cardiovascular Health
 • Stamina
 • Metabolism*

What Makes Clinical Essentials Better?

Standard B-vitamins must be converted into a usable form by the liver after they have been absorbed in the digestive tract, and many people are inefficient at this conversion. Clinical Essentials provides B vitamins in their active forms your body needs and no conversion needed!

TRAACS® Chelated Minerals

Supports Healthy:
 • Cardiovascular System
 • Bones
 • Immune System Strength
 • Metabolism*

What Makes Clinical Essentials Better?

Some multi-vitamins cut corners by using mineral forms that aren’t easily utilized in the body. Clinical Essentials provides superior minerals with The Real Amino Acid Chelate System (TRAACS®). TRAACS® bind minerals to easily absorbed amino acids, so you get their full benefits.

Full Tocopherol Family of Vitamin E

Supports Healthy:
 • Heart
 • Immune System Strength
 • Cellular Strength*

What Makes Clinical Essentials Better?

Many formulas provide only d-alpha tocopherol as vitamin E. But research shows that you need the full family—as vitamin E is found in food—for the best benefits.

Vitamin D3

Supports Healthy:
• Bones and Teeth
• Immune System Strength
• Mental Well-Being
• Cognitive Function*

What Makes Clinical Essentials Better?

D3 is the form that the body synthesizes. Some formulas provide Vitamin D2, also known as “ergocalciferol,” but it needs to be converted by the body into vitamin D3.

What Can This Multi Do For You?

If you’re wondering what Clinical Essentials can do for you, there’s a hefty list in the chart below. Here’s another important fact. Anyone concerned about the smell, an aftertaste, or how your stomach will respond can rest easy. Each tablet is easy to swallow, doesn’t have that vitamin smell, and doesn’t upset the stomach. That’s all due to a natural GingerGlide™ coating, and additional ginger in the formula. This chart shows that choosing Clinical Essentials is the smart multi-vitamin choice for men and women looking to support energy, mood, stamina, antioxidant defense, and so much more.

Clinical Essentials Supports:

The Bottom Line
If you’re going to take a multi-vitamin and mineral, why not make it count? The benchmark is clear—premium ingredients with nutrients at meaningful levels that won’t upset your stomach or taste bad is a smart choice to fuel your body for results. That combination is all available in Clinical Essentials Multi-Vitamin & Minerals with 30 premium nutrients. Ready for a fantastic 2020? Include Clinical Essentials in your plan!

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Michele is a mom, wife, and grandmother who has been writing about the world of natural medicines for over twenty-five years. A professional voice talent, watercolor artist, and author, Michele enjoys conveying all that is possible in natural health through multiple communication styles—including a good laugh.

TRAACS® is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories, Inc. †Supports healthy levels already within normal range.