Get Schooled on Back-to-Classroom Supplements

Get Schooled on Back-to-Classroom Supplements

ARTICLE BY | Michele Olson

Notebooks, pens, folders, pencils—all staples for heading back to school from the littlest student to the college-bound learner. But what should you have on-hand when it comes to “heading-back-to-school” supplements? Be prepared and ready with these choices for students who want to go to the head of the class!

Calm Kids®
Safe for children ages 4 and up, Calm Kids can help keep kids focused and engaged. The synergistic combination of five nutrients including DHA, rhodiola, and French Grape Seed Extract VX1®, supports healthy brain function and enhances the feeling of well-being without unwanted side effects.* Kids should feel relaxed, happy, and carefree. Help them with Calm Kids!

When AnxioCalm was compared to other anxiety relieving substances, it not only met or exceeded their effects but it accomplished the goals without drowsiness.* After just one day of use, participants in a study experienced a significant reduction of occasional anxiety with the effects continuing to increase through the seventh day of use.* Find out how this unique, clinically studied echinacea (EP107) can be your gold-star “go to.”  Suitable for age 4 through adults.

Vectomega is the most significant breakthrough in omega-3 science in the past 40 years. It’s the smart choice for healthy brain, heart, and eyes.* It’s NOT a fish oil, but rather a completely different way of getting supplemental omega-3 plus, important peptides and phospholipids that you don’t get from fish oil, in just one tablet or capsule a day. Do your homework! Vectomega is the omega-3 fatty acid complex from salmon that provides more than fish oil ever could.

Terrific  Zzzz®
Anyone heading to class wants to feel rejuvenated and refreshed before a day of learning begins, including the teacher! Terrific Zzzz’s is a non-habit forming European blend that features time-tested ingredients that work synergistically to support deep, sound sleep without morning grogginess.*† This gentle combination of herbs supports healthy, restful sleep. Sleep great with Terrific Zzzz’s.*

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†For relief of occasional sleeplessness.