EuroPharma Launches Terry Naturally Animal Health

ARTICLE BY | EuroPharma

March 2018

Expertly designed formulations to support animal wellness and vibrant health

EuroPharma, Inc.®, maker of the Terry Naturally® brand of dietary supplements, announced the launch of a new line of animal-focused health products called Terry Naturally Animal Health.

The initial eight products are expertly formulated supplements for horses and dogs, and include:

Canine (Dog) Products:

  • Calming Formula -- soothing and calming
  • Bladder Control -- healthy bladder function
  • Curacel Curcumin -- cellular support
  • Joint & Hip Formula -- comfort and mobility
  • Skin & Coat -- omega fatty acid blend

Equine (Horse) Products:

  • Curamax-- powerful curcumin for horses
  • Comfrey Cream Topical -- joints, muscles, skin
  • Boswellia Balm – muscles & joints

“For over 45 years, I’ve been actively educating people on how to improve their health. One of the questions I am always asked is how to support animal health as well. I have a passion for our animal companions, including my own two Australian shepherds and my family’s horses. I am introducing a line of highly effective pet supplements in an effort to share with others what I have learned in caring for my own animal family,” states Terry Lemerond, president and founder of EuroPharma, Inc., makers of the Terry Naturally line of dietary supplements and Terry Naturally Animal Health products .

Terry Naturally Animal Health products are now available nationwide at quality health food retailers and animal care establishments.

ABOUT | EuroPharma

EuroPharma, Inc., maker of the Terry Naturally® brand, offers clinically proven and effective nutritional supplements that improve the health of America. Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, is well-known for innovation, and is credited as the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate and standardized Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. natural products market. The full line of Terry Naturally products is available throughout the U.S. in both the health food store and professional distribution channels. At EuroPharma, Our Passion is Your Health®.