Elderberry: The Berry Best for Strong Immune Support*

Elderberry: The Berry Best for Strong Immune Support*

ARTICLE BY | Dan Stearns

Elderberry, also known as sambucus, has been considered one the most beneficial berries for a long time. Greek and Roman movers and shakers including Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder thought so much of the botanical that they wrote about it, giving us a glimpse into its incredible history.

One of the reasons that elderberry is so amazing for immune health is that it contains compounds called anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are compounds found in many fruits, vegetables, and other plants—especially those that are red, blue, or purple. In most cases, these compounds are associated with the appearance and color of the fruit, but anthocyanins provide strong antioxidant protection for the plant as well. And that benefit transfers to anyone who consumes the compounds, too.

Reducing the risk of oxidative damage is one way that elderberry can support your health even down to a cellular level. And strong cells are in a much better position to maintain their natural resistance and immune strength.*

Because elderberry was such a favorite for making preserves, homemade wines, and other drinks, it may have simply been a side benefit that consuming them appeared to support overall health, especially immune function.* Since the twentieth century, elderberry has been intensively clinically studied. The positive results have only bolstered its great reputation that it rightly has to this day.

But that popularity has come at a price.

Is it Real?
A recent investigation found that many products claiming to have elderberry were actually adulterated with other material, because—not surprisingly, the demand on elderberry is pretty intense right now. Not only do these products not contain elderberry, some have no anthocyanin content at all.

ViraPro™ Elderberry Immune Blend*High-quality supplements from trusted sources pay for themselves: they deliver benefits because they deliver the actual nutrients you expect. This is truly a caveat emptor situation—buyers need to be aware (and beware) before they purchase anything claiming to contain elderberry extract. To be absolutely certain, always go with products that provide clinically studied ingredients you can trust, like ViraPro, for instance. When you see our seal with a checkmark, you'll see that it states the best news you can get about elderberry: Never Adulterated. There’s real, clinically studied elderberry in there. Guaranteed.

Supportive Team Players
Elderberry is a star all on its own, but it can work its wonders even better with a strong squad to back it up. And the thing is, those nutrients all sound pretty basic: vitamins A, C, D3, E and minerals like selenium and zinc. But it’s the form those nutrients take that really matters, and this is another space where ViraPro shines: it delivers absorbable, efficiently used vitamins and minerals that don’t require cumbersome conversion in the body—they can get to work right away.

ViraPro™ Kids Elderberry Immune Blend*For Kids and Adults
These nutrients aren’t just for grownups. Kids can benefit from appropriately portioned versions of elderberry and key vitamins and minerals, too, like in our ViraPro™ Kids. Whether your child is heading to kindergarten or studying for finals, it’s a combination of nutrients that will help keep their immune responses strong and healthy.* 

Shop Carefully, Stay Healthy
Elderberry can only be beneficial if it’s actually in your supplement. Get this amazing botanical and its nutrient assistants from a brand you can count on—it’ll be the best news your immune system has heard in a long time.


Dan is a health and medical writer who primarily focuses on botanical ingredients, whole foods, and natural medicine. He is fascinated with traditional medicine practices and has a diverse background in reporting, editing, publishing, and marketing.