7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

ARTICLE BY | Dan Stearns

It’s February. The six more weeks of predicted winter feel more like six years. But if a long vacation in a tropical clime isn’t in your budget, the only way around this problem is to go right through it. So, with that in mind, here are seven ways to beat the winter blahs and reclaim some hope that spring will (someday) arrive:

1. Get Some Sun—and Some Sunshine Vitamin

As we typically huddle indoors or pack on layers of sweaters and coats in the winter, we miss out on one of life’s most essential gifts—sunshine. Not only does sunshine help lift your mood Learn more about Vitamin D3(one of the reasons full-spectrum lamps are so popular in this season), but it also helps your body synthesize vitamin D—but only if you’re wearing shorts and tee-shirts. Since that’s unlikely when it’s freezing, consider supplementing with some sunshine instead:  Vitamin D3 Chewables from Terry Naturally. It delivers 5,000 IUs of the sunshine vitamin in every tablet – it’s like a day at the beach in a bottle! And it’s definitely the easy way to support healthy bones, your immune system, and your overall mood.*

2. Embrace Your Inner Winter Olympian

You don’t have to be a professional downhill skier to appreciate the outdoor beauty of the season, but you may want to rent some cross-country skis or snowshoes to explore trails in state parks that you’ve never seen this time of year. Plus, the exercise will help boost your body’s own natural “feel good” chemistry.

3. Don’t Count Calories—Make Your Calories Count

Resolutions to eat better in the New Year can feel exhilarating at first and then absolutely straight-jacketing by February. So instead of viewing every meal as a potentially “I’m it doing wrong” experience, really consider what the calories consuming are doing. Instead of seeing a goal of eating whole, healthy foods as a limitation, consider it a liberation, such as; “Wow—look at how much magnesium I’m getting from this serving of pistachios—and still taste wonderful!” or, “Hey, two kiwis really do contain a lot of vitamin C—and they satisfy my sweet tooth.” When you link your healthy choices with all of the other good things they’re doing for your mind and body, it feels empowering and not boring.

Learn more about St. John Wort 900™ 4. Rediscover an Old Favorite

You’ve probably heard about St. John’s wort, an herbal known for it its ability to support a positive mood. But consider this: the best results come from a 900 mg per day dose. And a lot of people forget to take a full amount – in fact, they’re probably only getting about half of the level that’s recommended when they take St. John’s wort in lower amounts throughout the day. So Terry Naturally made things easier with St. John’s Wort 900. As you’d guess, it delivers the complete level of this wonderful botanical in just one tablet per day. If winter makes you feel like you need extra support for emotional health, consider this smart update on an old favorite.*

5. Laugh a Lot

Enjoying your favorite funny movies, television shows, and books are a must in the middle of a dark season. Laughter literally has a direct, positive effect on your health, too: it actually stimulates natural reward compounds like dopamine and reduces stress hormones like cortisol.

6. Go Out with Friends

Along with laughter, being in good company and socializing can go a long way to reminding you of how appreciated you are, and likewise, how appreciated your friends are. This is important any time of year, but especially in the winter if you live in a cold climate. The temptation to “cocoon” can be great, but being around lively friends, more light, and more activity is an excellent defense against the blahs.

Vectomega box 7. Go Fish

Ice fishing is a major sport in the winter, especially in the Upper Midwest. However, if you’re not planning to get out on the ice too much this season, you still should get nutrients from fish—especially omega-3 fatty acids, peptides, and phospholipids. One of the best supplemental sources is Vectomega®. Vectomega delivers omega-3s bound to phospholipids from salmon in a tablet form. These nutrients are better absorbed than they would be from fish oil triglycerides AND there is no risk of rancidity since Vectomega is not an oil. Plus, phospholipids are beneficial on their own for your heart, blood vessels, brain, eyes, and more. Vectomega also contains peptides—the building blocks of amino acids that can help keep you feeling mentally agile and support a positive mood.* That’s something you’re not going to find in krill or fish oil.


Dan is a health and medical writer who primarily focuses on botanical ingredients, whole foods, and natural medicine. He is fascinated with traditional medicine practices and has a diverse background in reporting, editing, publishing, and marketing.