5 Fast Tips for Healthy Blood Sugar Balance*†

5 Fast Tips for Healthy Blood Sugar Balance*†

ARTICLE BY | Michele Olson

Looking to support healthy glucose levels? Here are five easy tips to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day!*


  1. Fall in Love with Your Water Bottle
    The simple act of drinking a big glass of water not only helps quench your thirst, it also supports healthy insulin function. Aim for at least 74 ounces daily. Why not get a water bottle in a fun style that puts a smile on your face? Flaunt your love of cats, dogs, a superhero, or whatever brings you joy. Keep the bottle with you and drink throughout the day. Studies show that people who take the time to hydrate are more likely to enjoy healthy insulin function. Try some fresh sliced cucumber in your glass if that makes water more appealing. The fiber plays a role in helping the body absorb the water and it tastes delicious! An extra bonus? Cucumbers have been shown in studies to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*†

  2. Embrace Fresh Air
    Are you a fan of chilly, fresh air? That could be a good thing. One study found that participants who were in 60 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures six hours a day found it easier to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day. Other studies have shown the same effect at 67 degrees. Even a few hours of cooler air helps to ignite healthy metabolism.

  3. Lights, Down and Out
    Think that light has nothing to do with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day? Think again! Scientists at Northwestern University found that bright lights have a significant effect on the circadian clock which can affect the body’s ability to maintain healthy insulin function. Make sure to turn down your lights three hours before bedtime to support healthy blood sugar levels.*† Another tip? Sleep in total darkness.

  4. Maintain a Healthy Weight 
    One of the best things you can do for yourself is take off those extra pounds that creep on as we age. Year after year, the health statistics show that more and more Americans need to pay greater attention not only to how much they are eating, but what they are eating. Maintaining a healthy weight should be your top priority—your joints, immune system, liver, pancreas, and blood sugar levels will thank you. Follow the basics of healthy nutritional choices like plenty of protein, eat organic whenever possible, and stay away from processed foods and grains. Many people have found great success with the KETO style of eating, a good one to explore. Don’t be intimidated by exercise. The key is to keep moving. Just 30 minutes a day, or even a 10 minute walk after a meal can help maintain a healthy weight and healthy blood sugar levels. Looking to try a new workout that most people will enjoy with great rewards? Explore kettlebells! Look on line for tutorials and tips. In addition to mindful, healthy eating, and exercising every day, concentrate on thinking positively and embrace all your individual reasons for being your best.Sucontral D™ Product

  5. Supplemental Support
    Turn to a proven supplement for support to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day. Sucontral® D is the clinically studied formula powered by Hintonia latiflora, a botanical with a long history of traditional use. Scientists have discovered a unique compound in this plant that powerfully supports healthy blood sugar balance and has been validated by over 60 years of German research. Sucontral D combines Hintonia latiflora with supportive B vitamins, folic acid, vitamins C and E, and the trace minerals zinc and chromium—important nutrient cofactors for insulin function and healthy blood sugar metabolism. With decades of clinical research, Sucontral D is the superior choice for clinically studied glucose support.*†


Embrace these five tips and celebrate your thriving, healthy life!

ABOUT | Michele

Michele is a mom, wife, and grandmother who has been writing about the world of natural medicines for over twenty-five years. A professional voice talent, watercolor artist, and author, Michele enjoys conveying all that is possible in natural health through multiple communication styles—including a good laugh.

† Supports healthy levels already within normal range.