Julie Hoerth

Julie Hoerth

Keep Stress in Check for a Happier Holiday Season*†

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When you consider quality time spent with loved ones enjoying warm, comforting meals, movie nights curled up with hot cocoa or a glass of red, and joyful family traditions like annual cookie bakes, this truly is the hap-happiest season of all! But for many people, those Instagram-worthy moments are few and far between during the holidays—with occasional anxiety and stress filling in the gaps among those “picture perfect” moments.*

3 Simple Ways to Sleep Better – Tonight!

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If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, you’re not alone. Turns out, America is one tired nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third of Americans aren’t getting enough quality sleep. So, what happens if you skimp on sleep?...

Adapt to Any Situation

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What are adaptogens? Why take adaptogens? Which adaptogens are right for me?

Looking for Digestive Support?*

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Our digestive suite of products has your entire digestive tract covered, so you can feel your best every day. Combining safe and effective nutrients with clinically-validated ingredients...

Relieve Occasional Anxiety & Say Good-Bye to Stress

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Occasional anxiety gets the best of everyone now and then. It’s part of being human! And while it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and nervous once in a while, those feelings shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life and doing the things you love.*†...

Four Safety Tips for a Fabulous 4th!

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Celebrations feel a bit more celebratory this year, don’t they? We’ve been through tremendous changes in recent months, but some things, like basic summertime safety, never go out of style. Remember to keep these tried-and-true rules in mind to make this year’s 4th of July festivities safe and enjoyable for all!