The Immune Supporting Sunshine Vitamin*

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You’ve probably heard of vitamin D referred to as “the sunshine vitamin.” That’s because vitamin D is naturally synthesized by our bodies after our skin has been exposed to sunlight. It’s a process that can work well under ideal circumstances, but for many of us, maintaining vitamin D levels can be challenging...

The Healthy Cell Secret

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Ask any American consumer if they are interested in good health, and they would most likely say, “yes!” Surveys show that people who use supplements are extremely interested in general good health and healthy aging. That’s why it’s surprising many health enthusiasts know very little about CoQ10...

Supplement Labels Don’t Have to be Scary

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Whether you’ve been shopping at health food stores for decades or are just starting down a supplemental path, reading labels can seem daunting. But fear not. With a little decoding, their messages become clear...

Four Safety Tips for a Fabulous 4th!

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Celebrations feel a bit more celebratory this year, don’t they? We’ve been through tremendous changes in recent months, but some things, like basic summertime safety, never go out of style. Remember to keep these tried-and-true rules in mind to make this year’s 4th of July festivities safe and enjoyable for all!

Immune Support Smoothie You & Your Kids Will Love*

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We can't get enough of this delicious Immune Support Orange Smoothie* featuring our CuraMed Syrup...

ROAD TRIP! Traveling with your Pet in a Car

Rändi Fay, DVM | Expert Advice READ MORE

This summer will likely be a big one for road trips, as we are ready to escape the isolation and caged feeling of quarantine. And nothing is better that an escape with your best friend at your side! Whether it’s a long-strategized cross-country adventure or a spontaneous “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” escape, there are some “best practices” in keeping your dog healthy and happy during whatever journey you take.